Frequently Asked Questions

Nasnua - Merrimack - Bedford 13761

Q. Will there be improvements to the Bedford Toll Plaza as a part of this project?

A. No, this is not part of the current project. There was a proposed project to implement Open Road Tolling (ORT) that was placed on hold until the financial feasibility of All Electronic Tolling (AET) was completed. The NHDOT is now in the process of working towards the design to facilitate implementation of AET at this location.

Q. Will there be a toll increase as a part of this project?

A. No, there are no tolling changes as a part of this project. This project is part of the Bureau of Turnpikes’ Capital Program. The Bureau of Turnpikes cannot make changes to tolling as part of the Capital Program. Changes to tolling locations and rates are determined by the Governor and Executive Council. The scope of this project has been developed through the legislative Ten Year Plan process and does not include any changes to the tolling in Merrimack, Bedford or any other locations.

Q. Does this project construct any new Park and Rides along the corridor?

A. No, there are no new Park and Rides proposed along the corridor. There are already Park and Rides at Exit 5, 6, 7, 8 and 11.

Q. Will the roadway be expanded to four lanes under this project?

A. No, the traffic projections for the future do not indicate or support a need for a fourth travel lane.

Q. When will construction start and how long will it take?

A. Construction is proposed to start in 2022 and to be complete by 2027 according to the funding in the current Ten Year Plan. These dates could change based on financial constraints and priorities for the available funding. The NHDOT is working towards meeting this schedule.

Q. Will construction effect my daily commute?

A. There will most certainly be impacts to the traveling public during construction once construction starts. The NHDOT is committed to reasonable efforts to minimize these impacts. One of the strategies that may be employed to mitigate the impacts is a public outreach program designed to keep the public informed of current and upcoming construction activities. This may include a website where subscribers can receive automatic email notifications on work that may affect traffic for the specific areas of the F.E.E.T. of most interest to them. The goal is to get this information to the public in a timely manner that allows them to adjust their arrival and departure times or choose alternate routes to their destinations.

Real time information may also be presented to the active roadway users through the use of a Smart Work Zone (SWZ) which utilizes dynamic message signs and cameras to relay information and provide real time traffic information to the message signs, public websites and the Transportation Management Center. The intent would be to have these devices work in conjunction to provide for safer and quicker clearing of highway incidents or allow the user to seek an alternate route. All of these elements work together to improve the exchange of information among agencies, allowing the NHDOT, the New Hampshire Department of Safety, emergency responders and local municipalities to react more effectively to incidents on the F.E.E.T., and further minimize and manage the impacts to the F.E.E.T., local streets, and services.

Q: Is there an Exit 9?

A: There is currently no Exit 9 interchange on the F.E.E.T. as this was envisioned for the northern terminus of the unbuilt Circumferential Highway around Nashua and Hudson.

Q: What is the status of Exit 12?

A: In 2004, the Nashua Regional Planning Commission (NRPC) published a study outlining some of the issues involved with potentially completing the Exit 12 interchange. This would require construction of a northbound on-ramp and a southbound off-ramp. The improved access to the Turnpike would result in traffic pattern changes and would require significant property acquisition.