Project Process

Nashua - Merrimack - Bedford 13761

This project is following the standard NHDOT project development process. The project is currently in the Final Design phase. During Preliminary Design the project design alternatives were developed and analyzed for impacts. At the conclusion of the analysis, a recommended design alternative was identified. Environmental documentation occurred in the form of an Environmental Study. Preliminary Design was complete when the recommended alternative was presented at the formal Public Hearing, there was a Finding of Necessity and the Environmental Study was approved.

Final Design includes further development of engineering plans. Right-of-way, in the form of easements and acquisitions, will be acquired as needed, and construction contract documents will be prepared. Final Design is complete when the project has received all permits and approvals, is advertised for construction bids, and is awarded to a contractor. The start of construction is based upon available funding, contractor schedule, and weather. Refer to the Schedule page of this website for the estimated construction start dates.

This project has been broken into one engineering project and four construction projects. The contract number and a general description of each follows:

13761(PE and ROW) consists of the Preliminary Engineering (PE) and Right-of-Way (ROW) acquisition costs.

13761A (Southern Segment) consists of widening the F.E.E.T. at the 2-lane section located North of Exit 8 to South of Exit 10.

13761B (Middle Bridge Replacements) consists of replacing the Baboosic Lake Road Bridge and the Wire Road Bridge over the F.E.E.T.

13761C (Middle Segment) consists of widening the F.E.E.T. at the 2-lane section North of Exit 11 to South of Exit 13.

13761D (Northern Segment) consists of widening the F.E.E.T. at the 2-lane section North of Exit 13 to North of the I-293 diverge.


Public Process

It is important to get public feedback on this project so that the concerns and needs of the community can be accurately incorporated into the project design. You are encouraged to stay involved by:

  • Attending a public meeting. Please see the Meetings page of this website for past and upcoming public meeting dates.

  • Exploring this website for more information on the project.

  • Providing your thoughts and suggestions through email or phone to the NHDOT Project Manager. Please see the Contact Us page of this website.